The Lucky One

Author: Noopur Bakshi

A children’s story about Zack – The Australian 5 cent coin

I’m Zack, the 5 cent coin. They call me the baby of the pile. I’m the littlest and the lightest one in the roll. I’m the one with the great big lions head.

Why are you laughing? Wait, what? Thats not a lion? Really? Then what is it? An Echidna. A-KID-NOW? Well I know I’m a kid now. Thats what I said! Ohhhh Echidna. Huh. Well Then.

You can recognise me by the poky little Echidna rolling about on my back. I don’t know why they chose an Echidna for me, but maybe its because I can be a bit like an Echidna. There are lots of 5 Cents coins and lots of Echidnas all across Australia, but we are both shy and rarely seen in everyday life.

Mum says that when I grow up, I can go out and buy stuff by myself. But for now, I always have to be accompanied by someone bigger. One day, when I turn into $50, I’m going to buy some lucky child a scooter. Hey! Maybe if you look after me and help me grow, that could be you!

Last year we went for a family holiday to India and boy, did I feel important there. I could buy a lolly or a street snack or a little toy…I could buy all sorts of cool things there. At home in Australia though, the rules are different and I don’t circulate very well because I’m only a little guy.

I do have a confession to make. I’m a bit naughty and can be hard to keep track off. Its true! I fall out of pockets, I roll around at the bottom of your backpack and play hide and seek just when you need to use me. I also love to swim and can often be found at the bottom of pools and fountains.

Thats because I get distracted and can often get lost by myself. It’s my own doing as I like to wander off and never stay in one place for long. But I love you. I don’t really want to leave you, so I’ll always turn up. I’m your lucky penny.

Though I disappear for a while, I do show up eventually. Especially when you least expect it. You might go for a walk and see me shining on the street or you might clean under your bed and spot me hiding in the corner. You might bend down to wear your shoes and find me playing peek-a-boo under the car seat.

One day, you might put your hands in the pockets of your freshly washed jeans and realise that I was there all along. Just where you put me.

I know that finding me makes you happy. It’s like a little surprise. I love being the Lucky One because I get to make you smile. Sometimes if I’m really Lucky, I even get to make your day better.

Making you feel good, makes me feel good too.

Centimentally Yours,
Zack the 5 Cent Coin

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